Stefan Daniel


Stefan Daniel (*1975) ist ein Schweizer Künstler, lebt und arbeitet in Chur.

In seinen Arbeiten, die geprägt sind durch seine Kindheit in den Schweizer Alpen, widmet er sich ökologischen Fragestellungen. Ihm interessieren die Veränderungen unseres Lebensraums, primär durch den Einfluss der Menschen auf die Umwelt.

Earthly transformation processes and ecological issues are central themes in the work of Stefan Daniel. The Swiss artist, who lives and works in Chur, engages in a process of continuous reflection on the changes to the planet caused by the immense influence of human activity.

His research-based work is often preceded by many years of observation, intensive research, data collection and discussions with scientists. Stefan Daniel’s installations, neon signs, prints and photographs transport us to disappearing landscapes illuminated by the polar lights, to contemporary consumer worlds and fragile ecosystems. The artist examines the ambivalent relationship between man and nature and emphasises their inseparable connection, employing an approach which is intense and subtle by turns.